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COUNTY LINE BBQ          My name is Juan C. Gutierrez.   I own two franchise restaurants under the name The County Line BBQ. On June 9th, 2009 we opened our newest store on Lake Conroe, in Montgomery TX. There are a lot of details surrounding the opening of any business, and perhaps more than average, when opening a restaurant.  My business partner, Jarrett Collins, and I decided not to hire a project manager.  We felt we could do it ourselves and save some money.

               The project’s buildout was put out to bid. Regional Development, Joe and Karen Beraducci, came in significantly lower than the others. This was actually a point of concern. Were we looking at an affordable builder or a cheap builder? We went through a lengthy process of verifying and asking around.  Joe and Karen had lots of customers who spoke highly of them.  Of great importance too, was the fact that I liked them.  My gut feeling told me these were honest, hard working folks.

               We chose Regional, or more accurately, we chose Joe and Karen.  We quickly found out that Jarrett and I were not as knowledgeable as we thought we were.  We should have hired a project manager.  Except, that Joe Beraducci took that job.  Joe did not just delegate the building of the store from his office, visiting once a week.  Joe was there every single day. Joe supervised and inspected every trade. Joe corrected, suggested, invented, designed, numerous aspects of the project. Joe has the advantage of taking ONE job a time, he has the advantage of having owned bars/restaurants before; and he has the advantage of being able to cross over from the trades to the owners and create a team.

               I don’t know if this will help you decide if you will use Regional Development for your project.  What I do know is that I will use Regional Development for my next project.  You are welcome to call me and inspect the project.                      Sincerely, Juan C. Gutierrez

LA ESCONDIDA MEXICAN GRILL          I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate working with you.  In my line of business, I have the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people with different businesses and get to do business with a lot of different companies.  Therefore, let me tell you that it’s great working with people who do what they say.  From my perspective, it makes it easier for me to hold people accountable when you don’t have to continually remind them of what they have said or have to ask for everything in writing so that there are not any misunderstandings.  You guys are definitely “my word is my bond” kind of people; and for what it’s worth, I really appreciate that with the people I do business. 


I would also like to say that I am very happy with the quality of your workmanship and your commitment to making sure you deliver a quality establishment.  You are only as good as your worst employee, so it didn’t surprise me that you were very involved in every detail.  You guys have a top-not organization, and I congratulate you on the execution of high standards in all arenas.  Thank you for a Great Job!


I have two friends that started building their restaurants a little before I started with mine.  I would hear from them about the high dollar amount change orders and the delay of them not being on schedule for their opening target date.  Once again, the day you gave me for my target opening date was Oct. 17th and our Grand Opening Event was Oct. 17th!  I know that could not have happened without your commitment to my success.  Thanks again!  As for change orders, is 2.75% considered a change order?  You guys are amazing.  Thanks for taking the time to study my plans so that this could be possible.  You guys have executed in all accounts:  Quality of Work, Time and Budget.  No Surprises!


Please feel free to use me as a recommendation for your company.  It would be a great pleasure for me to be able to give something back to you.  Thanks again!  Sincerely, Sergio Espinosa                  Owner, La Escondida Mexican Grill

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